Wednesday, November 6, 2013

The Buddhist Five Hindrances of Meditation And Energy Enhancement Advanced Meditation Techniques

Get a Bug Free Mind with Energy Enhancement!! 1. Sense desire 2. Anger 3. Sloth 4. Agitation and worry 5. Extreme skepticism Listed above are the five hindrances to meditation. Each one or a combination of more than one can prevent a successful practice. If you have too much sense desire you will find your mind wandering in meditation toward those things which you crave. If you are full of anger, you will be agitated and it will be very difficult to stay concentrated on your meditation subject. Sloth and torpor refers to sluggish-ness. You may just be tired and in need of rest. Usually the result of not Grounding Negative Karmic Mass Gas in the fires in the Center of the Earth is this Anaesthetic Gas in the Aura which sends us to sleep. After we get better at Grounding, Torpor and Sloth Melt away with Energy Enhancement. After you are rested, you can return to your meditation practice. Agitation and worry will keep your mind occupied away from your subj

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