Friday, November 1, 2013

For Enlightenment you need Addiction to the Samadhi Meditation State

Here is our latest Student report... After only Four initiations of Energy Enhancement Level One.. Update to my meditation: 28th October 2013 I am able to get into the samadhi state, if even for a short while...the first 10 minutes are very intense, I feel energy surging from above down through my body and into the earth and back up again. It feels like a stimulating bright white light of incredible frequency. Then after 10 minutes the energy turns smoother and more calming. The energy is super charging. Today I was travelling up above my head in my mind to connect with the energy and I noticed some blockages above my head! I didn't like it! I thought I wanted to pull them out but it was difficult so I kept bombing energy through them. It my mind, like a grey sphere with darker black inside the middle, sitting to try to block the flow of energy coming down which would normally flow into my crown. I tried methods of moving it up into the light and pushi

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